Tab Mapper

The tab mapper is a handy little tool that will render a guitar tab file with graphic chord diagrams displayed alongside. This comes in handy for people who just don't have every single chord shape memorized. Just plug in the web site address of a valid .tab or .crd file and hit "Go". In general, the tab mapper does a better job with printer friendly URLs. If there is more than one way to play a chord, the tab mapper will choose the most common shape. To see other fingerings, click on the chord diagram and you will be taken to the chord calculator.

A chord {x 0 2 2 2 0} chord

Original file located @

Show me scales that sound good with the chords in this song: A.

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Category: Cyber Security

Is FitGirl Repacks Safe And Legit?

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FitGirl Repacks is a well-known name in the world of video game piracy. Essentially, FitGirl is an individual or group known for compressing video games into smaller file sizes, ?
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Is SMS Peeper Safe and Legit? A Deep Dive into the Controversial App

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Are YouTube Video Downloaders Really Safe to Use? The Truth About Downloading Videos From YouTube

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Is Safe to Download YouTube Videos?

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Hashing vs Encryption: What is the difference?

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Hashing and encryption are two common methods used in cryptography to protect data. While related, they serve different purposes and have some key differences. This article will provide an ?
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How Can You Protect Yourself From Social Engineering

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How to Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Attacks? Social engineering is the manipulation of people into divulging confidential information or performing actions that may compromise security. Attackers use social ?
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Monitoring Your Kids? Online Activity: A Parent?s Guide

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In today?s digital age, kids are spending more and more time online. While the internet opens up a world of learning and entertainment, it can also expose children to ?
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How to Monitor Kids? Text Messages

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Parenting in the digital age comes with many challenges. One major concern is keeping tabs on who your kids are communicating with and what they are saying via text ?
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